Why Study in Australia?

Each year, over 600,000 international students from more than 140 countries in the world choose Australia as their destination to continue their studies. Whether it is because of the accreditation of institution they are looking for or simply because of the beauty of lifestyle living in Australia offers.

If you are still unsure about taking programs in Australia, it is unnecessary to think about it! Here are some reasons you should not delay your decision to continue your study here, in Australia.

Globally recognised programs

Everyone knows that Australia has many world-class courses and institutions. A lot of Universities also receive a high rating for teaching and research quality. The graduate employment numbers increase each year as well.

If you plan to start a career abroad, it will be an advantage to take any programs in Australia. Most countries in the world will recognise your study.

Affordable Study Cost

With the global system that it has, Australia still offers reasonable study costs. For diploma programs, it usually costs around $1,200 – $1,500 per term.

Overall costs are considered lower than the same programs than another significant destination, such as the United Kingdom or the United States of America.

Lively Lifestyle

When we talk about Australia, we talk about lifestyle. It has such a lively and multicultural lifestyle. You will meet people with different cultures and faith across Australia, surely will bring you new insights about life.

If you wish to experience a busy big city vibe, Melbourne and Sydney will be the best example. From contemporary shows to modern art, museums will be found in those cities. Lonely is not the word you will find once you immerse yourself in this country.

Beautiful Landscapes

Australia has many spots to find beautiful landscapes. Almost every state has its uniqueness for the destination. Start from coastlines, vast outback and modern cities, as well as unique marsupials such as kangaroos, koalas, wombats and quokkas.

Study in Australia can be a ticket for you to visit those attractions. While you are filling up your brain with lessons, you can also enrich your heart and eyes with the beauty of the place.

Study in Regional Areas in Australia

All of Tasmania, South Australia and the NT are considered to be regional under Australia’s immigration program.

Study in Tasmania

Speaking about the beautiful landscape Australia has, we cannot neglect the Island State of Tasmania. Located just about 240 kilometres from Victoria State, Tasmania has excellent landscapes and destinations. It was also voted as ‘best travel’ by Lonely Planet in 2015.

Rather than just that, Tasmania offers a unique environment for study, work and holidays. You can gain a world-class education in a place where modern urban cities meet stunning natural wilderness.

This region has more affordable costs than any other state in Australia. With the same level of quality, Tasmania is willing to provide cheaper fees for any programs.

You will experience an Australian study destination with fewer international students than other Australian regions by choosing Tasmania. This means that your English Language skills will improve quickly and you will have fantastic opportunities to meet local friends.

Tasmanian is a safe and secure destination; the students walk freely in the evenings. The other thing to keep in mind, there is mostly no traffic jam there. It also means that you do not need to worry about pollution.

Best Place to Study in Tasmania

This coastal state has many programs for international students along with high-rank places. One of them is the University of Tasmania (UTAS). Founded in 1890, UTAS is recognised as one of the oldest and most respected universities in Australia. It is also ranked in the top ten in research performance and teaching practice in Australia.

Though it has the best quality of programs, UTAS has reasonable tuition fees. It also offers many generous scholarships for both local and international students.

The other place that can be your option is TasTAFE. It stands for Tasmanian Technical and Further Education, and it offers a lot of special vocational courses in any possible major. TAFE has usually more practical focus, completed by lower entry requirements.

Because of its curriculum, the graduate has usually been recognised easier by any big company. Owned by Tasmanian Government, its intention is to create the future expert in any kind at its best.

2022 Intakes Are Open

Have you decided which program you will enrol? You still have time – yet not that much because 2022 intakes are open now. You can start contacting us to discuss about your course options and the destination city in Australia.

The 2022 class will begin in the middle of February or the beginning of March. Some programs will start in the late May or early June. The February intake in Australia is the primary intake with more courses available for international students and more intense competition.

You can send your application to us before the year-end to lock the current promotion for next year intake. The border is about to open and this time will be right time for you together with Istudentplus team to prepare your journey studying in Australia 🎉

Why wait? Contact IStudentPlus today!



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