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Step by Step Getting Student Visa with iStudentPlus

Australia has become one of the most popular destinations for pursuing higher education. With a global ranking of third place, studying in Australia grants you access to exceptional locations and facilities.

Before embarking on your journey to Australia, you should arrange all the necessary documents. One of the basic ones is a student visa.

Well, if you plan to take a short course with no longer than 12 weeks period, you need to apply for a tourist or working holiday visa. But, if you want to enrol for a more extended period program, you might need a student visa.

To help you out and give you some insight about everything you need to prepare for your visa, you can use iStudentPlus. We offer everything you have to know about student visa guidance.

Who is iStudentPlus? How does it work?

iStudentPlus is a student agency in Australia that will guide you to embrace your desire to continue your higher level of education. We have partnered with the government and also several best colleges in Australia. We offer all the assistance starting from finding courses and school.

Why use iStudentPlus services?

We provide a straightforward way of processing your enrolment and visa application. If you apply everything yourself, you pay the same tuition fee from the college and have no one assist you with for student visa application. So why not use the service when there is no additional fee involved? After all, all schools will highly recommend you to have a student agency in Australia to assist you anyway.

Guidance on getting a visa through istudentplus

As the student agency, we want to help you out as much as we can do. So, here are steps on getting a student visa with our service.

1. Contact one of our student consular for free consultation and advice for course options.

You can reach us by messages on Instagram or email, or even contact us directly on our website. We will make sure that replying to your inquiry is our top priority.

Once you are helped by one of our consular, you can ask questions about all the requirements and the risks. For instance, you must be aware of how the refund process works and changing courses if required in the future.

Keep in mind that your well-being and study progress is in our best interes.

2. Decide your budget

It is required for you to open up about your budget. Because we need to calculate everything that will meet your fund.

We will give you a quote for the total fee, including the visa fee and insurance fee. Remember, we don’t make extra money from you – our service is free! The government and schools have supported us.

Anyway, if you are looking for a cheap course in Australia, we have the best offer for you! The cheapest one is for $1000 per term for VET courses – October limited promotion!)

3. Pay enrolment fee

We must not neglect the fact that the success of applying for a student visa depends on the enrolment program you choose. Yes, it means that you have to be officially accepted in one of the schools.

After receiving the offering letter, the next step is to pay the enrolment fee to secure your place. Please pay attention to your intake date and the breakdown of your school fee before you sign the paper.

Worries no more about not getting accepted by your dream course; we will assist you through the process, including getting that acceptance letter.

4. Pay your first term tuition fee to get COE from college.

One of the documents needed for applying student visa is a Confirmation of Enrolment from school. This letter will be given after you finish all the payments for the first term of your study.

Once you have the COE, you begin your visa application. If you wish to take several programs at once, you have to get one COE for each program.

5. We assist your preparing the visa application.

First thing first, you have to make an account in the Australian immigration authority. Subsequently, you need to complete all the visa application forms, and we have the necessary documents prepared.

After all, we will work on your visa paperwork together with our migration team. We will also give you guidance for writing a Student Visa Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement. We will request and sort out the document for you that is required for the visa.

6. We assist in purchasing your student insurance.

Another mandatory requirement for a student visa application is having insurance.

This is to make them know that you are protected if something terrible happens during your study. This insurance will also benefit you as it will cover health care and general medical check up.

We will also be there to help you get the best insurance in the industry. We are partnering with NIB Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC); hence if you have questions about OSHC, which clinic you can go and what you can claim, we can give you some information about it.

7. Our migration team lodge the visa for you.

Remember what we mentioned before; we will help you with the process of visa application. Don’t worry about the submitting procedure; our team will lodge it for you.

After submitting your visa application, you might need to wait for a few weeks to a month to receive a decision. Should there be a need for supplementary documents during this waiting period, rest assured that we will offer assistance.

After you have your student visa, we will also help you out preparing your accommodation. Finally, your study in Australia journey will start, and you will be ready to conquer the courses you have enrolled. Exciting!



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