How International Students Can Study Online in Australia

Continuing your education anywhere is the same, but continuing your studies in Australia can be the right decision if you want to develop yourself further and add your experience.

Studying in Australia can be exciting, fun and challenging. You have to learn to speak in English and diversify with many different people from different cultural backgrounds. What makes studying online can be a more significant advantage for international students?

Integrated Online Class

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to a sudden shift to online teaching in Australia. This sudden change was hard for the students, but they adapted quickly to this new situation. Although the situation gets better right now, the students are recommended to study through online classes. It is also applied for the students who currently are based in Australia.

There are education service laws for international students to protect the well-being of international students, quality of education, and provide accurate information.

Benefits of Continuing to Study in Australia

Claimed to be the home of some of the world’s leading universities, 20 Australian universities were nominated for the world’s 400 best universities based on the QS World University Rankings in 2018. All educational programs ranging from certification, diploma to bachelor have equally good quality.

1. Learning System Anywhere, Anytime

You can do online learning anywhere and anytime because various renowned universities in Australia significantly utilise the sophistication of technology in education. The goal is to provide ease of learning for international students without the need to meet face to face.

Schools in Australia support online learning methods with Canvas and Moodle. Canvas structure is an online learning medium to facilitate the teaching-learning process, ranging from elementary school education to college and some business sectors. Students can see their learning progress in the classroom, features discussion participation, complete assignments, see overall grades, and even Canvas links to emails, phone numbers, messages, and social media pages.

Besides that, Moodle is a learning medium to build online classes. Moodle provides classroom needs with many features, so students more quickly understand the material presented online. Moodle can accommodate thousands of users in a single class. Materials or modules are easily accessible to students.

2. You Have The Opportunity To Work Part-Time

The flexibility of education in Australia makes many international students take advantage of making ends meet by working part-time during their education. You also have the same opportunity to explore work experience when deciding to continue your education abroad.

Some of the part-time jobs commonly done by international students are generally as childcare and waitresses. You can work part-time according to your field of study. It’s not easy, but there’s a way if you keep trying.

Some employment websites can help you to get the job, for instance, Seek, Gumtree and Indeed. Those websites will

3. Take Advantage of the Holidays

The holiday system of educational institutions in Australia is divided into several parts. The most significant school holiday in Australia, with 6-7 weeks in the summer. International students can fill their time by looking for additional income by working full time during the big holidays in the summer. So, you can take huge advantage of super long holidays for valuable activities.After knowing the various reasons and advantages behind choosing Australia as a destination to continue education, let’s discuss some of the famous educational institutions in Australia that can be your recommendation in choosing!

What are diploma programs in Australia?

Based on the QS Worlds University Rankings 2020, the Diploma Program in Sydney,  UNSW (University of New South Wales) has placed in the top 50 universities globally thanks to its vision of building the global career strength of alumni.

The University of Melbourne’s Diploma Program aims to create disciplines to build careers that align with another world-class university alumnus.

Southern Cross University is a Diploma Program in Byron Bay presenting a wide range of study programs ranging from engineering to health. In addition, short educational pathway programs are available as well.

Griffith University is one of the Diploma Programs that focuses on education around health and medicine. And the last, Curtin University is a  Diploma Program in Perth that provides specialist engineering studies. Are you interested in trying those exciting programs?

Good news for international students!

Now, some educational institutions provide many courses programs at low prices. One of them is the Diploma Program in Leadership and Management. It tuition fees range from $1,500 every three months with a length of education for two years.

The course they are offered are most in-demand by international students because of the career opportunities. Another popular low-cost programs among international students are social media diploma programs, business diplomas, and human resource management diplomas.

The Australian government also allows alumni to work temporarily, available to undergraduate to doctoral graduates, and adjust the work system’s arrangement to the economic sector. It was the answer to why the unemployment rate in Australia is relatively low. This fact is also a strong reason for international students flocking to study in Australia. You can ask Istudentplus team for more information about it.

Now, there is no reason to delay your desire to continue your education in Australia. Make sure you participate in several scholarship programs and choose online courses to reduce the cost burden.  Good luck!

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