Inspiring Yourself to Learn English

Learning English is a long journey.

Ask some fluent English speakers around you how much time it takes them to speak the language well like this. From there, you can better understand and make your goals of learning English more realistic. 

If you set a goal of communicating fluently in English within four months (your current level is beginner level), you will be sorely disappointed. The reason is that you set the wrong goal in the first place, and no one can do what you specified.

Meanwhile, if you determine that learning English is a long-term goal, know that it will take the people around you 2-3 years to speak English fluently (and still have to improve). By then, you will understand more about the time it takes to study and won’t be disappointed again if your study trip takes longer than expected. Understanding the nature of things will help you to stay encouraged in your journey of learning English. Because you know some people already need a lot of time to complete the goals you set.

Always remember why you started learning English every time you get bored and want to give up

Next, you must identify with the thought that life is not flat. Sometimes happy and sometimes sad, sometimes good and sometimes difficult. Learning English is the same. Sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes it’s stressful. Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it isn’t easy. You can sometimes study every day. But sometimes you are sick, busy at work, feeling bad, and you can only learn 2-3 times a week. Beyond that, there are weeks when you’re too busy to study.

However, this is our life. Learning is a long journey, not just studying for a few months. 

Therefore, when facing objective or subjective obstacles, remember why you started learning English and return to continue with that goal. If you keep going, you will slowly reach your goal.

habit will be formed A or lost after 21 days of continuously doing or not doing it

A little trick to maintaining a habit is to do it within 21 days (science proves that 21 days is the time for people to form a habit). You need to have a tracking sheet. Every day I learn English; you check it until 21 days are enough. Doing so will also give you a slight sense of accomplishment after 21

days of laziness. However, it would help if you remembered that a habit would also break unless you do it within 21 days.

If you are busy with work or have problems that interfere with studying, try to return before today’s 21-day period. Because if you lose the habit, you need another 21 days to start a new routine again. 

These 21 days is the most challenging time to start forming a pattern. When you pass this time, you will gradually do your work automatically. However, to strengthen the habit and thus maintain motivation to learn English, you must do it continuously for 90 days. After that time, you will confidently keep your English learning.

Make the habit clear, specific, and easy to follow

In particular, you should avoid rushing to study, high excitement in the first few days and low enthusiasm in the following days. The winner of a long-distance marathon race never loses his strength in the early stages. They didn’t lead from the start but matched the energy for the entire ride. Then, they would use all their power to make a run to the final round and win the whole.

Apply this to learning English. At first, it’s best to study for 15-30 minutes. Even if you’re excited, you should only know a little. It will make it more accessible for you to give up because you simultaneously face many problems and difficulties. On the other hand, let’s make it a habit to learn English every day easily. 

Take 15 minutes to study, after those 15 minutes, you can do whatever you want. It will help you maintain a long-term and long-lasting habit.

If you force yourself to study 2-3 hours a day, you will feel pressured, tired, and scared when you have to think about learning English after a week or so. If you want to make a habit last, make it look easy.

The principle “Done is better than perfect.”

Another essential principle is that done is better than perfect. You and your friends have to make a report, and the deadline is the end of the month. Your friend wants to create an ideal essay with complete data and precise analysis but has been too focused on perfection. Your friend still needs to complete

their report when the deadline arrives and can’t send it. Meanwhile, you focus on meeting the information first, and then if you have time, you will look for more data and analyze it in more detail. As a result, even if the report could be better, you have submitted it on time. Unlike you, your friend has yet to offer the information, and the boss will only know that your friend is a person who doesn’t complete the task, no matter how perfect the report is. And you are a punctual person, completing assigned tasks.

Learning English is just the same. If you want to write a 1000-word essay, you write, write it as fast as you can. Please don’t wait until you have a good idea and complete documentation to write it.

Waiting can take a long time without getting anything done—this way when you write ten essays that aren’t good enough. However, thanks to these ten essays, you have accumulated experience, so your 11th essay is outstanding. To maintain the habit, you need to get a little done each day, not wait until you feel perfect and inspired and have the passion for doing it. Perfection is on habit and practice from clumsiness and previous failures, not steps towards a model.

From the explanation above, learning English is a long journey. To become good at English, you need to know more, improve every day, and not study for a few months, and then it’s over. Therefore, making learning English a habit is one of the things that needs to finish to maintain the motivation to learn English. It is to create a self-study of English as a daily routine.

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