Tropfest Film Festival

Tropfest is an annual short film festival held in Australia, showcasing short films created by emerging filmmakers. Here are some key points about Tropfest:


Tropfest was founded in 1993 by John Polson, an Australian film director and actor. The festival originated in Sydney and has since expanded its reach.

Focus on Short Films:

Tropfest is specifically dedicated to short films, with a maximum duration typically set at seven minutes. This format allows emerging filmmakers to present their work in a concise and impactful manner.

Open-Air Screenings:

One distinctive feature of Tropfest is its open-air screenings. The main event is held in a public space, often attracting large audiences to watch the short films under the stars.

Panel of Judges:

The festival employs a panel of judges, including notable figures from the film industry, to evaluate and select the winning short films. The judges consider criteria such as creativity, storytelling, and overall impact.

National and International Expansion:

While Tropfest originated in Sydney, it has expanded to include events in other Australian cities and has also reached an international audience. Some international Tropfest events have been held in locations such as New York and Abu Dhabi.

Prizes and Awards:

Tropfest offers various prizes and awards to winning filmmakers. These may include cash prizes, mentorship opportunities, and exposure within the film industry.

Themes and Signature Item:

Each year, Tropfest announces a specific theme and a “Tropfest Signature Item” that filmmakers must incorporate into their short films. This adds an element of creativity and challenge to the filmmaking process.

Cultural Impact:

Tropfest has had a significant impact on the Australian film industry, providing a platform for emerging talent to showcase their work. Many filmmakers who gained recognition at Tropfest have gone on to achieve success in the broader film industry.

Community Engagement:

Tropfest encourages community engagement by bringing people together to enjoy a night of film in a public setting. The festival has become a cultural event that attracts both film enthusiasts and the general public.

Continued Evolution:

Over the years, Tropfest has evolved and adapted to changes in the film industry. It remains a vital platform for discovering and celebrating emerging talent in the world of short filmmaking.

     Tropfest contributes to the diversity and vibrancy of the Australian film landscape, providing a platform for new voices and perspectives in filmmaking.



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