Falls Festival

The Falls Festival is an annual music and arts festival held in various locations across Australia. Here are some key points about the Falls Festival:

Multiple Locations:

The Falls Festival takes place simultaneously in multiple locations around Australia. Over the years, different cities and regions have hosted the festival, including Byron Bay (New South Wales), Lorne (Victoria), Marion Bay (Tasmania), and Fremantle (Western Australia).


The festival traditionally occurs over the New Year’s holiday period, typically starting in late December and extending into early January. It’s known for being a popular destination for music enthusiasts looking to celebrate the New Year.

Music Lineup:

The Falls Festival features a diverse lineup of musical acts, including popular national and international artists across various genres. The festival is renowned for showcasing a mix of established and emerging talent.

Arts and Cultural Program:

In addition to music, the Falls Festival incorporates an arts and cultural program, including visual arts, performance arts, comedy, and interactive installations. Attendees can explore different artistic expressions beyond music.

Camping and Festival Experience:

The Falls Festival typically offers camping options for attendees who want the full festival experience. Camping on-site allows festivalgoers to immerse themselves in the community atmosphere and enjoy a multi-day celebration.

Family-Friendly Elements:

Some editions of the Falls Festival include family-friendly components, providing a space for parents and children to enjoy the festivities together. This may include designated family camping areas and activities for children.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations:

As the festival coincides with the New Year’s holiday, it often features special celebrations on New Year’s Eve, including musical performances, countdowns, and fireworks.

Sustainability Initiatives:

Like many modern festivals, the Falls Festival places an emphasis on sustainability. This includes waste reduction, recycling programs, and initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of the event.

The Falls Festival has become a significant part of Australia’s summer festival scene, attracting a diverse audience of music lovers and festival enthusiasts. The choice of locations and the inclusion of a range of arts and cultural elements contribute to its popularity among attendees from various regions.



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