Organize Your Time and Make the Best Use of It

Since we are international students, we have to change our nation’s habits, climate and culture.

Maximizing every time you do will make you more productive in your daily life. 

Having good time management allows you to organize and ensure you have benchmarks in your activities and understand your priorities in dividing your time between your daily life and your campus life. Atkinson (in Luthfiana, 2010) namely Time management is a type of skill related to all forms of one’s efforts and actions that are carried out in a planned manner so that individuals can make the best use of time.

There are various methods for making the most of your time so that each of your tasks can be completed by the goal you set. This will help get you on track and ensure you reach your goals. Here are some time management tips that you can do yourself:

Make a List

Don’t waste time trying to recall everything

To maximize the quality of your activities, you must complete daily tasks that are a part of your everyday life.

The activity list is a crucial first step in making the most of your time management, it helps you plan out the tasks you’ll be performing so that you don’t waste time trying to recall everything else you need to accomplish.

In improving your time management, you can start by writing down every activity that you will do. This you do to make sure you don’t forget your essential tasks, which of course, can have an impact on unsatisfactory results.

Good communication skills make it even better

Affect your ability to receive information given to you

Communication is an essential part of conveying information. This is in line with improving your time management.

Poor communication skills will require you to rephrase what you have said or even repeat it, as well as give lengthy explanations, which will obviously demand more time from you. Having good communication skills will affect your ability to receive information provided to you, so you can maximize your time without having to waste too much of your time understanding and explaining things so that you can be more productive.

More focus

Maximize your time management

Having a good focus will help you maximize your time management. Even though you have a lot of tasks and work that you have to do at one time, that won’t be a barrier as long as you can focus your mind on the work you are currently using. It will help you accomplish each of your chores and activities to complete them following your aim if you have a good focus so that you are directed and not easily distracted by other things so that you can do your assignments productively.

Create your personal schedule

Using an application or time calendar on your mobile

In this digital era, you can easily create an organized schedule using an application or time calendar on your mobile. This schedule allows you to plan each of your activities more purposefully so you know what to do next.

Don’t procrastinate your work

Stop delaying your work

If you have started delaying your work, then it will continue. Even while being distracted is something we cannot completely prevent, we can nonetheless lessen it by selecting a relaxing location to finish our campus assignments.


Help you focus and reduce stress

Even though you are not the type who likes to spend time exercising, you still need to set aside a little of your time to exercise, this is to help you focus and reduce stress due to your campus assignments, and of course, it can make you healthier and fitter.

Evaluate the methods you use

Maximal in dividing your time

In compiling your time management, it is necessary to evaluate the method you use to maximize your time management, and this is done to see whether the way you use needs to be updated or not so that it is even more maximal in dividing your time as efficiently as possible.

When you don’t have a list of things to do or plan your daily activities, tasks and activities keep piling up, which makes you more anxious and can have an effect on how well your studies and activities go. There are many ways you can do to improve your time management, you can also apply some of the tips above in your life to balance study and daily activities.

So, prepare your time management to improve and maximize your time as possible plan carefully, and hopefully, the tips above are helpful for those of you who want to maintain your balance life. Follow for more. Don’t worry, for those of you who are just planning to go abroad, IStudentPlus can also help you use and plan your study. So what are you waiting for? Contact us, and everything will be easy.



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