Fun Ways to Learn English at Home with a New Routine

English is a foreign language that is very close to us. It is undeniable it has been years since the western film and music industry entered every country and brought English into everyday life. Even music and films worldwide have adopted English in their lyrics and scripts.

It is okay to be lazy to learn English because we can take advantage of many platforms as learning methods. 

For those who still need to know English with theory, you can immediately practice speaking English with the methods below. Let’s look at seven easy and fun English learning methods you can apply at home.

1. Watching Movies

Who doesn’t like watching movies? Surely many of you choose to watch movies to entertain and unwind. So, while considering yourself, you can simultaneously learn English by watching movies without using subtitles. Besides learning vocabulary, you can also learn the correct accent and pronunciation.

Films can also provide many language references that you can learn, such as language in casual conversation, conversational language when doing business, medical terminology, and various other languages. You have to watch multiple genres of films to learn the different types of languages that exist.

2. Listening to Music

Besides movies, music can also be a fun way to learn English. Even music can be the easiest learning method because you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. Moreover, western songs are very popular in Indonesia, so pieces in English are effortless to find.

Listen to a song you like without looking at the lyrics, then rewrite the lyrics according to what you hear. After finishing writing, see how many incorrect and correct vocabulary there are. Do it continuously so that your listening and writing skills improve.

3. Reading Novels/Books

Reading books or novels is not the favorite of most children today, but reading books can be used as the fastest and most effective method of learning English. Why is that? Books, or relatively novels, have a complicated language structure and use a lot of literary terms.

So, make sure you understand the basic English vocabulary if you want to use this method because more skills are needed to understand English novels. Therefore, reading a book should use this method to learn English at a more advanced level.

4. Playing Games

Who says playing games can’t improve your English skills? Many people can speak English because they often play games since they were teenagers and even children. Moreover, most games produced by foreign companies do not use Indonesian as an introduction, so we are forced to use English.

Even more, it’s fun if you like playing online games because you can communicate with foreigners in the Asian region who have different accents. After your English skills improve, it will be easier for you to find friends from other countries and expand your friendship connections.

5. Join the English Language Forum/Community

Join an English language forum or community for those who like to gather and discuss with other people. You can look for online or offline forums or communities to converse and discuss materials related to English.

Besides learning, you can also teach people who want to learn English. So you have teaching experience that the forum can utilize in work. So, please invite your friends to animate the forum or community so that it is more lively so that the discussion can be more energetic to discuss a variety of functional English materials.

6. Internet

There are lots of things that you can get on the internet to learn English. You can search for a complete English dictionary as well as various exam questions such as TOEIC, TOEFL, and IELTS. In addition, many English learning sites from multiple universities worldwide can be accessed free of charge.

The internet can be a straightforward and inexpensive method of learning English because you only need to pay for your internet quota to access it anytime and anywhere. This method is specific for today’s children who are always kept from the internet.

7. Talking to a Native Speaker

Speak directly with native speakers to learn English. Why not? This method is very suitable for those who easily meet strangers daily. You may live in a tourist area that many foreigners visit. This method can be applied and can be very exciting.

For example, you can become a tour guide to guide foreigners traveling in your area. With this method, you can hone your speaking skills with others so that the quality of your communication in English can improve rapidly. Apart from that, you can also make friends with native speakers on social media, so you can chat with them wherever you are.

So, which method do you find the most fun?

If you have a lot of free time, applying all the above methods will be more effective. It will guarantee your English skills to improve within a short time. So, don’t be confused if you are one of those who must be guided to learn English from home because iStudentPlus can answer your worries. We are now opening online classes for those who want to learn English from home. With the help of an experienced English teacher, you can easily understand English better.

You can also find many new friends who share the same vision and mission so that you can expand your network of friends and connections in the world of work. So there are many interesting opportunities for those who want to have a career while learning English because iStudentPlus has many benefits apart from learning English. Let’s register now!



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