What’s Your Plan After Graduation?

This is one of the questions I always ask our students.

“I am still deciding.”

“I want to get a sponsorship.”

“I want to apply for this job.”

So, what are you going to do after you graduate? Honestly, being asked multiple times can become a bit disheartening — especially if your post-graduation plans aren’t solidified.

For some, perhaps this question doesn’t weigh a burden on your shoulders. You could have a new job lined up or you’re fuelling your academic achievements by continuing your study or planning to see the world. However, it can be a heavy question for some because it is the end of our adult childhoods.

From a student agency’s perspective, time is an important factor — we aware that to be a student, you have much more time on your hands whereas working full time you have only the weekends and the evenings. It’s no surprise that we always encourage our students to try applying for a part-time job in Australia. The amount of times the statement ‘study overseas will be one of the best experiences of your life’ has been echoed is countless. Also, ‘Australia life will fly by super-fast’ is heard even more. And both statements seem to be true.

Some people may also find the limbo aspect of college frustrating — I have practically lived out of a student suitcase for three years plus an additional one year course in Australia! Maybe a permanent change won’t be so bad, right?

I remember when people asked me this question — “So, what are your plans after you graduate?”, I would freeze because I would often get conflicted with “what is the right thing to say?” Until I realised, there is no wrong answer. But do make sure you have a vague idea as to what you want to do. There is no harm in planning.

Where do I start? What do I do?

Now is the time to sit yourself down and figure out exactly where you want to go.

What do you want to do?

Where do you aspire to be five years down the line?

Where do you see yourself living after graduation?

Tip: Surely you’re not stuck in whatever you’re doing right now forever. You pick a certain course because there was a reason behind it. Go out, find the job related to your course or try to work different jobs and discover for yourself which line of work truly inspires and enriches your life.

Personally, I had worked for the hospitality industry for many years during my study before, I didn’t enjoy it much at the beginning but after awhile, I love it! I’ve learned so much from it and had improved my English from the conversation I made daily with customers. Not too bad, eh?

Start from your hobby or interest

Find a club that resonates with your career goals. Classes won’t often offer opportunities to network and build leadership skills as an organization can. You can join the toastmaster club if you need to improve your public speaking skills, or if you like to ride motorcycles — consider a club for fellow cyclists. Maybe you love to discover new recipes or foods — how about a recipe or dinner club. There is no need to be so stuck when there are so many people studying in Australia.

Check this out:

Toastmaster Club

Find a group in Sydney

Join a sport club Sydney

Living in the best country

   It doesn’t matter where you live, how you live does matter.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone knows that Australia is a great country.

   Do you think that it matters where you live?

   Does the quality of your life change whether you live in a place A or place B?

I think it matters generally where you lived and with the fact that many international students want to live in Australia permanently. We always encourages students to plan ahead for this long-term plan way before they graduate. It is not an easy pathway but surely there’s a way if you well-prepared and our qualified migration agent able to advise you with this matter.

But is someone automatically going to be happier in A than B? I don’t think so. I think a person’s happiness in particular cities has everything to do with the work they do (that’s why study matters), the friends they make, and the “experiences” they have.

I don’t think I would necessarily like to live in Sydney City. If I couldn’t find great activities to fulfil my interests, great friends and good job.

Finding the perfect job

   Is there such thing as a perfect job?

Perhaps there are amazing salary packages, extremely friendly colleagues and in a field you have a true passion for. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe. Which boils down to understanding the criteria and your own definition of the ‘perfect’ job.

Before you start drafting a mind-map of your most ideal careers, consider:

   Where do you go from that job?

   Can you take it to the next big step?

You are no longer a daydreaming adolescent teenager. You are soon an adult and with age, comes responsibility –and these include bills to pay and future savings.

So, even if you really want to write songs for a living, yes you can start by doing it as a side job to your actual full-time, paying position. When and IF it really hits off, then yes, you can focus on writing songs as your career. After all, it is good to have options.

Considering internship opportunities or continuing your study in Australia

No matter where you are from, an internship in Australia will provide you with a beneficial experience and give you the opportunity to develop your skills far beyond what you will ever learn in a classroom.

iStudentPlus can refer you to a program includes the following services: career advice, CV & Cover Letter writing guidance, interview skills training including mock interviews, close monitoring of progression throughout the program and much more.

If you start thinking about whether pursuing another course or degree is the right path for you. It can lead to higher wages and competitiveness in the market. You will also be able to enjoy living in Australia longer if you still want to do it so.


The point of this article is to let you know you’re not alone. It’s perfectly okay to be uncertain about life after college. Education is not only an academic process to receive a certificate; I believe it also plays the role of a crucial transition between the end of your teenage years to the beginning of your twenties.

There is a reason we have reached the end of your study— and honestly, congratulations to you all for making it. It can be challenging and stressful. Make sure the grass is always green — on your side. Because it can be.

Why iStudentPlus?

We can help you make a difference in your study adventure in Australia. Avoid risks and grab the best opportunities with us.

   “Let us do the paperwork.”

We cover your back with technical and delicate paperwork processes. We want to help you and guide you step by step to get or extend your visa, medical insurance, and much more!



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