Mr Hasrul’s Story: Australia Is Where My Dreams Came True

I never thought I would spend four years studying in Kangaroo country, Australia.

How do I know about studying overseas?

At that time, I accidentally joined an Internship program opened by Makassar State University in 2014. I got information about the program from a friend in an English learning community. Without further consideration, I feel confident that this opportunity is the fastest way for me to be able to go studying abroad through this program.

Around September 2014, I finally flew to Australia after enrolling at one of the oldest colleges in Sydney, Australia, SBTA (The Sydney Business and Travel Academy), majoring in Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management. I took this major because I am interested in hospitality; it is my passion.

Why do I choose the hospitality course?

Taking advanced hospitality management helped me to enhance my skill in hotel management. Because I want to be a supervisor in future, the course was qualified for my career. This course qualification is for individuals planning to operate at a senior level who wish to use substantial industry knowledge and wide-ranging, specialized managerial skills. The student must work independently, take responsibility for others, and make strategic business decisions.

How about working in Australia as a student?

I got a job less than a week after arriving in Australia. At that time, I got a job recommendation from a friend who studied while working in Australia. So for you who plan to study while working in Australia, you need to contact and approach your friends in Australia. Finding a job will be easier if you get a recommendation from your friend who works at the hotel or the company.

My first job was as a room attendant at a hotel in Sydney Central. As a room attendant, I worked as part of the housekeeping service team at a hotel. My duties involve cleaning and sanitizing rooms, hallways, stairways, and guest areas. I cleaned furniture, washed windows, vacuumed carpet, sanitized bathrooms, changed bed linens, and replaced towels. It was pretty tiring, but I was delighted because I could pay for my studies and cover my living expenses while in Australia by working as a room attendant. I can even send money to my parents in Indonesia.

Any accomplishments so far, Mr Hasrul?

Most of my dreams came true. After graduating from college, I was elected to be a supervisor at my hotel. I was at a reasonable level at work and study; I could manage my study and work time well.

I got a promotion to become a supervisor of housekeeping at a four-star hotel in Sydney. I supervised more than ten staff at the time. As a housekeeping supervisor, I was responsible for ensuring that the standards of cleanliness were met. I assigned tasks, inspected work to ensure it was up to par, and provided training on best handling customer requests. I am very proud of what I have learned and accomplished.

Why do you return home to Makassar?

I returned home in 2018. I went for good because my study finished, and I wanted to live close to my family. I must admit that by working part-time in Australia and with all the hard work maintaining a work-study life balance, I could eventually save money and purchase a private house, a comfortable vehicle and several assets. Furthermore, I am lecturing at one of the colleges in my city and have been advancing my career as a lecturer since then.

Will you recommend everyone to study in Australia?

I will highly recommend everyone to study in Australia. I hope my story can be helpful to whoever wants to study and work in Australia.

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