What is ELICOS?

ELICOS stands for English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students which in Indonesian means intensive English course for international students.

ELICOS in Australia was created with the main aim of helping international students who are still lacking in English to improve their skills so that they are able to participate fully in learning activities on campus.

So essentially the ELICOS course is an English language course program, not the name of an institution in Australia.

As a student in Australia, you can take this ELICOS not only for academic purposes but also for the improvement of everyday English skills.

Who Can Take ELICOS in Australia?

Students who want to complete the English language requirement to study at a vocational college or university, or for those who need to prove English language proficiency in order to work.

What are the requirements?

Actually, there are only two requirements to be able to take part in ELICOS, the first is to have a visa that allows for study, and the second is to be able to pay fees according to the desired program.

Diverse and Flexible Program Options

ELICOS is an education system created by Australia for international students who want English courses such as EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or ESL (English as a Second Language).

There are many learning domains covered by ELICOS, namely: writing, speaking, reading, grammar, note-taking, assignment preparation, pronunciation, research skills, vocabulary, fluency, etc.

The course structure also includes everything from assessments, assignments, class tests, interactive projects, presentations, writing assignments, etc.

There are various types of ELICOS that you can choose, which will adjust to the goals you want to achieve, some of them you can see in the following picture:

How Long Does ELICOS Take to Complete?

The duration of the program varies depending on the level of English comprehension of each person.

You can take courses ranging from one-two weeks to 52 weeks for General English programs, other programs are offered for five or ten weeks.

Every few weeks, there will be a level that you will reach; Most programs are divided every ten weeks.

What happens after the end?

After completing the ELICOS program, you will get a diploma from the campus stating that you have completed the ELICOS program in Australia with level xxx.

Especially for English for Academic Purpose (for students who have IELTS shortcomings), they can later directly register at the intended campus.

Types of Visas for ELICOS in Australia

Now, let’s discuss about the visas that can be used for ELICOS in Australia, you will need a specific visa; adjust your plans while in Australia.

Previously, ELICOS studies used Student Visa Subclass 570 (Independent ELICOS Sector visa), but since July 2016 this subclass has been closed. Instead, you can use the visa below.

A person on a Student Visa 500 usually takes ELICOS bundled with other studies in Australia and has the aim of improving English for formal day-to-day study.

  • Application Fee: AUD 650.
  • Duration: Up to 5 years.

A person using this visa is welcome to join the ELICOS program or other short studies with a maximum duration of 4 months.

  • Application Fee: AUD 510.
  • Duration: Up to 4 months.

One usually uses a Visitor Visa when wanting to take ELICOS courses while on holiday or visiting relatives who are in Australia for a certain period of time.

Visitor visa is not recommended for someone who wants to apply from Indonesia with the aim of only wanting to study ELICOS in Australia.

  • Application Fee: AUD 150-380.
  • Duration: Up to 3 months.

Let's take the ELICOS program before starting to study in Australia

If you want to study in Australia but feel that English is still lacking, no problem! This program is dedicated to international students who want to improve their English language qualifications before starting their studies.

Book a free consultation with one of our Education Consultants at Istudentplus today.

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